Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Never Drink Any Raw Milk Products

By Alon Calinao Dy: Poverty is not the only reason why a child drinks a cow's milk, but it is lack of education. Breast milk is still best for your baby as it contains essential vitamins and nutrients that protect your baby from disease. 

Drinking cow's milk is not packed with disease-fighting substance. The benefits of breastfeeding showed that breastfed babies are healthy and full of energy, escaping from upper and lower respiratory illnesses, ear infections, meningitis, and other diseases.

Watch this baby's photo. What do you see? The substance that one can possibly get is very dangerous. Raw milk can carry harmful germs and has not been pasteurized. These germs include bacteria, viruses, and parasites can kill a person.

The fact is that a baby is vulnerable to various kinds of diseases. It is not safe and healthy to drink raw milk because it needs a set amount of time and specific temperature to kill those harmful germs. 

It is a common belief that milk is healthy because it is a good source of calcium and other important nutrients. Yes, milk is healthy when it is pasteurized. So avoid drinking any raw milk products for your safety.