Monday, April 11, 2016

Anti-Duterte Forces Call Duterte's Followers as Bullies

By Alon Calinao Dy: Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said that he has no enough money to fund his campaign in 2016 Presidential race... And Duterte's supporters have not failed him despite lack of funds and campaign materials. 

Thanks to social networking sites, hardcore fans of Duterte, who believe that a real change is coming, can express their admiration to the best mayor of Davao City.

Mocha Uson, founder of the famous dance group Mocha girls, is one of the popular performers I truly admire and who has a great influence to convince Filipinos voters to pick Davao City Mayor Duterte for president. 

Mocha girls are well-known entertainers whose service to make viewers happy are free for Duterte's followers as they believe that it's only Duterte who has a POLITICAL WILL to stop the corrupt system in the government.

There are several ways of expressing their support to someone like Digong. Others express their support through making a Duterte song, writing articles, wearing a Duterte silicone wristband, modelling the clothes with Duterte names on them, and many more.

One thing I don't understand why those anti-Duterte campaigners complained in social media that they were being bullied or harassed by Duterte's followers when many of Duterte's supporters have experienced the same treatment as well.

As one of the millions of fans of Duterte, I feel sorry for those people who were victimized by cyberbullying... One has to understand that no one can control people's minds as each one of us has different levels of understanding when it comes to public posts.

Many people who are born and raised in Davao City feel bad about the news when most of the reports that coming from TV networks are all about crimes in their city. 

But the truth is, Davao is a peaceful city and there are less crimes in the urban area. If you were in their shoes, how do you think residents feel about these lies when peace and stability are present in the city?

One must understand that during election season, politicians tend to lie in order to destroy one's good image, taking an advantage with their hateful words in order to encourage lots of voters who would pick for them.

It's a fact that no one can put a good man down and no one can destroy the positive image of Duterte when many tourists, who already visited the place, said that they feel safe walking alone at night.

For those anti-Duterte forces out there, I respect whoever you want as a presidential candidate but stop spreading lies about Duterte. Maybe you are being bullied because of your hateful words and lies.