Monday, April 4, 2016

Filipinos All Out Support For Mayor Duterte

By Alon Calinao Dy: There is a strong evidence that the next president will be in Mindanao whose name is Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte because many Filipinos are supporting him, especially Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who are solid fans and want to have a real change in the country.

Duterte's supporters in Bohol

On April 3 in Bohol, there was a huge crowd who showed their support to presidential candidate Duterte. Although some local officials of Liberal Party did not show up during Duterte's visit, Boholanos displayed their warm welcome. This only shows that people in Bohol are dead serious about change. 

Duterte's supporters in Camiguin

On March 23 in Camiguin, hardcore supporters of Mayor Durterte made a public rally showing their full pledge of support for Mayor Duterte despite the threat from a local government of those people who would show up in the rally. Duterte's supporters said that they were harassed... 

Duterte's supporters in Maasin, Leyte

On March 22 in Maasin, Leyte, Duterte visited the place where he was born, and people here were so excited to him. They hoped that Duterte will come out victorious in the 2016 Presidential Elections. 

Friends and relatives of Mayor Duterte in this city are known as hardcore fans who believe that a real change is coming. 

Duterte's supporters in Tacloban City

On March 14 in Tacloban, thousands of Filipinos attended the meeting of Mayor Duterte despite the report of news blackout. These people, who showed up to the large gatherings, volunteered themselves to come out and go out to streets. 

After that, Duterte went to Catbalogan City in Western Samar and other towns in Eastern Samar where thousands of supporters also waited for him.

People in Calbayog City are hoping that Mayor Duterte would come to visit the place. This city is known for liberal party and Nacionalista supporters, but Calbayognons are crying out for change to stop political killings among local candidates and followers.

Duterte's Supporters in Cebu City

On April 3 in Cebu, Duterte became a rockstar when thousands of Cebuanos declared their support to him. Political leaders believe that Duterte might get 1 million votes from Cebuanos because they have confidence in his strong leadership to battle crime and corruption in the country.

In a very recent incident in Kindapawan, Duterte did not like what happened to Lumads and Kindapawan peasants who just asked something to eat due to scarcity of food by dry season.

Duterte said he is willing to help these hungry farmers. He made a quick response when people from Davao City donated thousands sacks of rice, but the local government of Kindaoawan did not like the donations since it was a big insult for their governance. 

Duterte has vowed to end criminality, illegal drugs, and corruption in the Philoppines within 3 to 6 mos. He also supports to bring back capital punishment in the country because of high crime rates. 

Duterte is destined to become a next president in the country. Many Filipino voters are going to support him, especially those OFWs whose friends and relatives are also rooting for Mayor Duterte. 

Cheers to all Duterte's supporters!!!