Friday, April 15, 2016

Most Overseas Filipino Workers Pick Duterte For President

Raymund de Guzman at Philippine Embassy Muscat Oman

By Alon Calinao Dy: Raymund de Guzman, a dedicated nurse and an OFW in the Middle East, expressed his all-out support for Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte when he and his OFW friends in Oman voted the mayor in Philippine Embassy Muscat Oman last April 11.

When voting was done, I asked Mr. de Guzman, who is a presidential candidate he supported and voted this 2016 Presidential elections? He said "Duterte for a change."

In many instances, Duterte is a favorite choice of most Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and the one who has a POLITICAL WILL to fight illegal drugs, criminality and corruption in the Philippines.

In Kuwait and in other regions in the Middle East, supporters of Duterte said that most of them voted for Davao City mayor and they also stressed the issues of cheating such as Duterte's name was not in a list of presidential candidates for 2016, Roxas and Robredos' names were highlighted in yellow, and some felt they were harassed for not voting Roxas. But others said that everything went well than expected.

Mr. de Guzman believes that our country needs a strong leader. The one who is not a follower but indeed a trusted leader who has a strong stance against bloody results of bad politics, domestic violence and abuse, poverty, illegal drugs, corruption, and many more.

Many Filipinos around the world already complained about various political killings with the involvement of some government officials in different places in the country particularly in Eastern Visayas. 

Duterte said with confidence that he will quick fix on criminality, corruption and poverty in the country, including those high-profile politicians who are involve in graft and corruption and other illegal activities. 

It is believed that there are over one million OFWs who are registered voters in the world. It is expected that Davao City mayor is an OFW's choice and can get majority and victory votes from them. This is not included the family members they left in their motherland. What if these family members vote for Duterte? Is it a landslide victory for Digong?

For Mr. de Guzman and the rest of Duterte's followers, believe that it is now time to fix all the country's problems. And over the past decades, Duterte was proven to have a broad experience in politics and knew how to handle different kinds of stress.