Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mar Roxas Allegedly Used Fake Duterte Supporters On Social Media

Photo courtesy: Marilou Ojales Morente

By Alon Calinao Dy: A photo of conversation circulating on social media claims that Liberal Party standard bearer Mar Roxas allegedly used fake Duterte supporters to attack presidential frontrunner Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. 

This photo was uploaded by Marilou Ojales Morente, a concerned citizen, after she found out a Facebook user named Joshua with Mar and Leni profile picture recruited a netizen who remained anonymous.

Joshua informed online users that they need to pretend as Duterte supporters and then make bad comments to people. Comment bad things to a known artist. He added, he would make a duterte profile picture to this netizen, so people would know him/her as a supporter of Duterte. 

This netizen has been promised a one-time 5,000 pesos payment on May 9 for participating a demolition job against Duterte. And when Joshua was asked who is going to pay for him, he said the staff of Mar Roxas.

I remember comedian actress Melai Cantiveros complained about a basher who introduced herself as a Duterte supporter. This person is known as Shawie Constantino Enriquez. She denied commenting bad things against Melai's daughter. 

Shawie Constantino Enriquez defended herself by saying that she was not well aware who posted a rude comment on Melai's account. Ever since she had not participated to any fan page or news article.

Enriquez pleaded to stop making stories about her.

Many commenters believe that opponents of Mayor Duterte are doing everything they can to destroy his good image. They are spending large amounts of money on TV ads to campaign against him. All the latest news and rumours are about Duterte a strategy to derail him.