Thursday, May 5, 2016

Melai Cantiveros Gets Mad At Duterte Supporter

By Alon Calinao Dy: Melai Cantiveros has a right to get mad to a woman who introduced herself as a supporter of Duterte and the one who made a rape remark about her daughter. Whether it is a form of a joke or not, this joke can hurt anyone especially if you involve an innocent child. 

Shawie Constantino Enriquez, the one who was suspected to post this comment, said that her account was hacked by an unknown computer user. She tried to talk to Melai about what happened.

The question is, is this the same hacker who hacked the COMELEC website? Melai has a right to defend his daughter. But strategy and tactics to destroy the good image of presidential frontrunner Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte are everywhere. 

I agreed with Melai that everyone has a right to support to whoever their presidential candidate is. But let's investigate the situation and know the truth whether or not Shawie Constantino Facebook account had been hacked. 

Beware of these hackers who try to steal every person account. Beware of fake facebook accounts. Lastly, beware of those who are fake supporters of Mayor Duterte. 

Mayor Duterte is a good leader who called and encouraged his supporters to respect everyone's views, and even
Aiza Seguerra, a singer supporter of Digong, urged Duterte followers to be respectful on social media. 

Shawie Constantino Enriquez defended herself by saying that she was not well aware who posted a rude comment on Melai's account. Ever since she had not participated to any fan page or news article.

Enriquez pleaded to stop making stories about her.