Wednesday, May 11, 2016

P80,000 To P100,000 Salary increment For Law Enforcers is Possible

By Alon Calinao Dy: Reports on social media that law enforcers in the Philippines might have a salary increase ranges P80k to P100K every month. 

A salary increment is one of the promises of the Philippines' newly elected Rodrigo Duterte who said that he is going to end crime, corruption and illegal drugs in the country.

The proposed salary is a huge money that would help every family of a law officer. There is no reason for them to be the protectors of criminals if this salary increment is going to happen in the following months.

This is probably why the newly elected president is confident that he is going to solve the country's problems. 

In other countries, those people in uniform are greatly compensated by the government for risking their lives to protect their country and people. 

A clean and honest government can give all the necessary salary increment of people who work hard for their respective families.

Duterte has promised to end corruption and poverty in the Philippines by any means even if it will lead to the closure of congress.

This is a good news for everyone if the proposed salary is going to happen soon. I believe president Duterte is a man of his word. Let's trust and support him.