Friday, May 13, 2016

President Duterte To Fight Dirty, Corrupt Politicians

By Alon Calinao Dy: The Philippines' newly elected president Rodrigo Duterte has a big challenge to all government officials to stop corruption even though they spent million/s during the past election. 

The president wants his government to be clean from crooks. He promised to end crime, corruption and illegal drugs as soon as possible. 

As netizens said, "politicians who want to challenge the authority of the president should be subjected to investigation and if found guilty for corruption, death penalty should be applied through a harsh punishment like firing squad or hanging."

I believe the president is "a man of his words." To end corruption, it should be showed to everyone that the government is very serious about these country's problems.

Duterte once said that he is going to suppress crime in 3-6 months. He also mentioned he will close the congress if this is a main source of corruption. I think he is very serious about it.

The honest and strong president is believed to tighten relationship between Philippines and US to fight illegal drugs. If this is a case, Filipinos can enjoy and travel to many countries without restriction.

"Those politicians who cannot follow the simple rules of a clean government by Duterte should resign," as one netizen said on Facebook as this country is against to all corrupt government officials.