Saturday, June 4, 2016

Are You Going To Defend GMA News Reporter Mariz Umali From Duterte's Catcalling?

By Alon Calinao Dy: Mariz Umali was hurt after she learned that netizens called her as "O.A." or "Overacting" after president-elect Rodrigo Duterte catcalled her.

Raffy Tima, a fellow news anchor and a husband of Mariz umali, posted a viral post saying "catcalling my wife is wrong in so many levels" on national television.

Of course, as a news reporter, before you interview someone, you have to know that person if he is just teasing around or make things more interesting for everyone by making people laugh. 

According to the people who are close to president Duterte, he has a regard to women. In fact, women in Davao City are well-respected people because the former mayor said that women should be respected and be able to practice their rights equally to men.

There might be misinerpretation because I think someone who interviewed incoming president Duterte did not fully know his characteristics and was not used to it. 

Now, Duterte's camp would stop media conference for a while because some media groups said that they would boycott the tough-talking president. An executive assitant of the president, Christopher "Bong" Go said they would not allow news conference in the meantime, so be it.