Friday, June 3, 2016

Bong Go Protects And Says Stop To Media Bias

By Alon Calinao Dy: One of the most trusted people of president Rodrigo Duterte, Chistopher "Bong" Go, said that in the meantime they do not want a news conference in Davao City because Duterte does not want publicity and he has something important things to do for the Philippines.

Media groups have tried to demand an apology to president Duterte after they accused him of being disrespectful to Mariz Umali, a news reporter and the wife of a fellow GMA News and Anchor Raffy Tima.

Raffy Tima was mad to the president when Duterte catcalled his wife. But some people said that Duterte was just joking to Mariz Umali when other news reporters also laughed and went with the flow.

It's understandable and normal for a husband to defend her wife from embarassment coming from the people, but people have to understand that president-elect Duterte has been humiliated numerous times from the paid media.

Netizens always reacted on social media about those TV networks who embarassed president Duterte several times and obviously leaning toward a presidential candidate who they wanted for our country.

Social media supporters of president-elect Duterte have expressed their disappointment to some Philippine TV networks who continue to discredit the tough-talking and former mayor of Davao City. They also said that "we are the people who are the real media of president Duterte."