Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Do You Want Philippine Schools To Conduct A Mandatory Drug Test?

By Alon Calinao Dy: There is a growing fear nowadays that a random drug test will be conducted by some colleges and universities in the Philippines particularly in Metro Manila to find out who among the students and professors are drug users. 

This is interesting to know that if this proposal by some schools is going to happen during Duterte's term since these drug users might expose their sources to the law enforcers if they have been found out guilty of possessing and selling illegal drugs.

I am sure random drug testing for students and professors will be considered by president-elect Rodrigo Duterte not only for health issue purposes but to prevent dangerous drug abuse in the Philippines. 

As of this moment if I'm not mistaken, I think military, maritime and aeronautical colleges are the only schools who perform a mandatory drug tests among students. But it would be a good idea to include all professors as well.

There are some people who believe that drinking milk, coconut juice and a lot of water will dilute some drugs in your body and will make you pass a drug test. I don't think so. 

Remember, a positive confirmatory drug test means you are breaking the law for being a drug user or a drug pusher. It would be better not to try any of these prohibited illegal drugs for your own sake. Just like, for example, you're afraid of being contracted of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), abstinence is better than using a condom or performing a sexual practice.