Thursday, June 16, 2016

Is Leni Robredo Gearing Up To Run For President in 2022?

By Alon Calinao Dy: Social media has evolved into the art of prediction, storytelling  and beginning to attract lots of readers. It seems that netizens have their power to predict the future about the plan of vice president to run for president in 2022.

Although this report is unconfirmed, supporters of Senator Bong Bong Marcos expressed their views regarding the future plan of Robredo. But it's too early to tell that she is preparing herself to a 2022 presidential run.

The former representative of Camarines Sur is not expecting that president-elect Rodrigo Duterte is going to give her a cabinet position in the government since she is siding with the Aquino administration.

According to some reports, vice president-elect Leni Robredo is confident about her future in politics and her supporters are trying to push her to run for president in 2022. 

The fear is now growing among Marcos loyalists that if Leni Robredo wins for president in 2022, Aquino and Roxas would have a chance to have cabinet positions in the government and a real change that president Duterte has started in his term would be futile. 

I believe that no one really knows what the future holds for all of us. Since 2014, I did not expect that president Duterte would run for president in 2016, but I got a feeling that he would hear the people's call. That's why I started to write about him. 

I think a majority of Filipinos selected a right leader for our country. Now I would not think about VP Leni Robredo's plan for the future. I believe she's not a big threat to our beloved president as I'm confident that Filipinos are now wise and smart voters.