Saturday, June 25, 2016

Mayor Joseph Estrada's Change Of Heart From 'Davao Ka Lang Bagay To Give Duterte A Chance '

By Alon Calinao Dy: President-elect Rodrigo Duterte has encountered a lot of attacks from his political rivals coming from different angles, but the Filipinos have spoken and appointed him to be the 16th president in the Philippines. 

According to the article of Manila mayor Joseph Estrada said to former Davao City mayor, "if you are running for president, you should have finesse. He is just copying me but I have finesse." Finesse means skill. Erap thought Duterte has no skill running the government as he copied his styles.

Wow. That's really a strong statement if the current mayor of Manila City said that. I don't think Duterte's supporters are going to like this comment when they read this. But maybe, Erap said this in a funny joke and to get the conversation going again. I don't know.

Erap expressed his political views in, "I think he is just for local (politics) where he can bully his constituencies. It's really different in national politics." The Manila mayor said that Duterte is not suited to run for a national post.

However, when the tough-talking former mayor of Davao City Rodrigo Duterte won the presidency, Mayor Estrada released an statement saying that Filipinos should give Duterte a chance to prove himself against public scrutiny. Does it mean that the Manila mayor has a change of heart in favor to the Duterte administration?

The problem with the Philippine politics is the hypocrisy among politicians and its allies. If Filipinos want to have a real change in the country, let's not be the great pretenders. I'm not saying that Manila mayor Erap Estrada is one of them. Just like president-elect Rodrigo Duterte, what you see in him is a real person.