Sunday, June 19, 2016

Stevin Son Defends Baron Geisler Against Social Media Bashers For Being A Troublemaker

Stevin Son and Baron Geisler

By Alon Calinao Dy: One of the people who knows a multi-award winning Filipino actor, Baron Geisler, defended him against rival Kiko Matos during their URCC face off.

Stevin Son described Mr. Geisler as a good person by heart. Unlike other known Philippine artists, Geisler treated everyone well. 

Stevin further added that the actor was a simple man as he'd time to talk to ordinary people like tricycle drivers and "istambay" neighbors in their place. He even explained on social media that Baron did not complain when he slept in a cheap sofa inside their house in Filinvest 1.  

Mr. Geisler told his family that he felt safe whenever he was with them because he got a chance to hear the word of God from Stevin Son's mother. 

According to Stevin, the actor is a confirmed drunkard but he has a generous heart to help people who are in need. There's just one favor he asked from the netizens is to understand Baron Geisler well before making any judgement.

Kiko Matos, on the other hand, blamed Baron Geisler for being a troublemaker and a badass. He believed that the one who uploaded the video on social media was none other but Geisler himself or his camp. This video went viral immediately with a lot of shares. 

Geisler and Matos have an upcoming bout at URCC, Valkyrie in Taguig City on June 25. This fight is going to settle their differences inside an MMA cage. After this bout, everyone is expecting that the two actors will remain friends outside the fighting arena.

Baron Geisler kisses Kiko Matos during their URCC face off