Sunday, July 17, 2016

An Alarming Text Message From Archbishop Martinez Goes Viral

By Alon Calinao Dy: I received a text message from a friend through Archbishop Martinez yesterday evening, encouraging everyone to pray for the impending war on the disputed sea.

According to Archbishop Martinez, where he got his source from AFP general named David, "tell everyone to pray for the country. The AFP is now on red alert because of China's anger over South China Sea. The military forces of France, USA, Japan, and Australia are now in Clark, Pampanga, making an uproar for the possible impending war against China and Arab country."

Some reports say that China is preparing for military troops and equipment ready to defend the South China Sea from any country who tries to cross in their territory.

For sure, no one needs this armed conflict and this should be resolved through a peaceful talk. But when everyone's life is at stake in the Philippines, especially when China dismissed the outcome of Arbitral ruling on the disputed sea, NATO is ready to defend all allies including the Philippines.

When Philippines won maritime arbitration, China reportedly issued a statement that judges of the Arbitration Tribunal had been bribed. After this public statement, netizens questioned the ability of the Philippines, a country considered by many a poor one and largely in debt, to bribe foreigners.

It seems to say that officials in Arbitration Tribunal are corrupt since they can be bribed, making it look like as biased judgment over the territorial disputes. I wonder if this is true and one of the reasons why China is not ready to give up the Scarborough Shoal where they already built an artificial island and a military base.