Thursday, July 21, 2016

Businessman Kenneth Ang Shares His Story About An Abusive Cop

Kenneth Ang (Left)  SPO1 Leo Encarnacion(Right)

By Alon Calinao Dy: A business owner of  Gymaholic Fitness Center in Dr. Abad Santos Street, Sucat, Paranaque, told his story on social media  last July 18 about an abusive SPO1 Leo Encarnacion who tried to ask money from him in exchange for protection.

According to the story of Mr. Ang, he saw young policemen at Shopwise and invited them to work out at his Gymaholic Fitness Center for free. The reason he did this because he has many police friends.

After Mr. Ang  and his friend attended an evening church, he received a text message saying "boss, I'm at your bar right now -PO1 Encarnacion." He couldn't remember him but he left a text message, "I'll be there, brod."

When Ang reached his bar, he saw SPO1 Encarnacion drinking and saw he has money in his pocket. He greeted him with courtesy. 

At first, he appreciated when this police officer said "I'll protect you, boss." 
As their conversation went on, he felt weird when SPO1 Encarnacion talked about his wife who is going for an operation and that's his big problem. 

According to Mr. Ang, he tried to help him. He already mentioned some policemen he knew so that he would feel embarrassed, but it didn't touch him and just ignored it.

When Ang said goodbye to the police officer, PO1 Encarnacion continued to say "I will protect you, boss." Frankly, he told Encarnacion "Brod, I showed you kindness. Just do your job as a police officer and I will call you if ever I need your help. Thank you very much, brod."

This time, it seemed PO1 Encarnacion got angry and changed the tone of his voice. He said to Ang, "you don't need my protection!?" "You should close your bar!?" "There's a curfew!?" 

Despite the threats from SPO1 Encarnacion, Mr. Ang rejected these warnings and went home, knowing that there are no current ordinances like this in his city.

Mr. Ang felt he was being harrassed by this officer despite the fact that he has a legal business with DTI, BIR, Mayor's permit, and Barangay permit. He said that despite his compassion for police officers, this cop wanted something else. "Protection, for what?" He said.