Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Leni Robredo's Supporter Compares President Rodrigo Duterte To Adolf Hitler

By Alon Calinao Dy: Vice president Leni Robredo opposed to a large number of extra judicial killings that happened in the Philippines. 

Leni believes that everyone should respect the value of life, even if they are criminals as they are entitled to have a due process and defend themselves.

I understand what Robredo said but it could never be denied that the rampant proliferation of illegal drugs in the country is so obvious. 

Criminals are the first violators of human rights when they killed innocent people and when they raped young women because they are under the influence of prohibited drugs.

The popular quote of president Duterte said "I don't care if I burn in hell for as long as the people I serve live in paradise." This statement alone would say that he will do everything to maintain peace and order in the Philippines.

In reality, many prisoners with criminal records return to their illegal activities because it is easy for them to get money through roberry and drug trade. I don't think those Human Rights advocates understand that. 

Yes, Robredo is right when she said "those lives may never be returned to their loved ones." When she said this, is she thinking only the welfare of those criminals who get killed because of drug trade? 

There are many Filipino victims because of various crimes commited by the criminals. I don't think they also have a big heart for the innocent people they killed. So many people already killed because some authorities tolerate these evil acts.

I think everyone is entitled to his personal opinion, but it's not right to compare President Duterte to a cruel dictator Adolf Hitler. I believe the president is doing his best to fight the country's problems of criminality, corruption and illegal drugs.