Friday, July 22, 2016

Opinion: President Rodrigo Duterte Has The Power To Inspire Filipino People

Photo credit: Prudencio A. Dy, Jr.

By Alon Calinao Dy: Filipinos have encountered many different leadership styles in the past and it's different when it comes to our current president Rodrigo Duterte who inspires Filipinos not with his words of wisdom but through his actions as well. 

I personally believe that an inspiring leader as Duterte, cares about his people and encourages everyone to do good. In fact, he does not need our praises to always remind him that he is the most powerful man in the Philippines. He does not want to be called "His Excellency" because he wants to stay simple in the eyes of people.

For so many years Filipinos can hardly reach the President to talk in person, it's clear that he is reachable at all times. Sometimes, he does not mind his safety for as long as Filipinos are safe against criminals. For me, that is unselfishness love that distinguishes him from other leaders.

I truly admire President Duterte because he makes people around him to do good things. He has the power to inspire people and to make them better. This is the way by saying that Filipinos need to care for everyone and help one another to fight the country's problems of criminality, corruption and illegal drugs in the Philippines.

I am forever grateful that he started doing the right things for the Filipinos especially for our children who would benefit the most from this current administration when President Duterte is no longer working for us.  

Yes, I do believe that the power to inspire Filipinos is one of the great qualities of a great leader. I think President Duterte has done it. Also, Filipinos have so much respect for our president. Speaking about RESPECT, this is my personal quote I made a few years ago, IF YOU WANT TO HAVE RESPECT, SHOW IT TO YOURSELF.