Saturday, July 16, 2016

President Rodrigo To Alleged Drug Lord Peter Lim: I Will Kill You If You Are Involved in Drug Trade

By Alon Calinao Dy: After President Rodrigo Duterte named Peter Lim as one of the drug lords in the Philippines, a chinese businessman and rich Peter Lim met the head of state in Davao City.

In their meeting, president Duterte said to Lim to submit himself for investigation to the NBI since he was linked to a big drug syndicate in the country.

Duterte didn't hesitate to say in front of Mr. Lim that he will kill him if ever he is involved in a drug trade. 

This is part of police's Oplan  Tokhang program that thousands of drug users and pushers have already surrendered to the authorities in the fear of death.

The tough-talking president also promised to end the country's problems of criminality, corruption and illegal drugs from 3 to 6 mos. in the office.

Perhaps, this is one of the big challenges of the president to look after the drug lords who are hiding and conducting their operations across the Philippines.

But as the days passed quickly, crime rates lowered all over the country. Though reports showed the rise of murder against criminals, Filipinos already knew that this is part of the government's advocacy to end various crimes especially the proliferation of illegal drugs in the country.