Thursday, July 14, 2016

Did Drug Lord Herbert Colangco And Senator Leila de Lima Have A Good Time Together?

Screenshot photo credit Admin Gwapito

By Alon Calinao Dy: Images of Drug Lord Herbert Colangco and Senator Leila de Lima have circulated all over the internet singing inside the New Bilibid prison and have caught the attentions of the netizens.

In Admin Gwapito page, it allegedly said that Senator de Lima had a good time with kingpin Herbert Colangco inside the New Bilibid Prison when she was still a Justice Secretary during the Aquino Administration.

Colangco singing inside the national prison has had complete first class instruments and sound systems that caught the attentions of Filipinos around the world, asking this question 'why prisoners are allowed to have concerts inside their cells?' 

Perhaps, this is one of the moves of Commission on Human Rights (CHR) to have an equality for everyone. And perhaps, Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) tolerates this kind of activity, giving prisoners a chance to change.

But, why is it the illegal drug trade in the Philippines becomes a national concern? Drug lords can even sell and produce illegal substance inside their cells. Is this because of tolerance that often responsible people forget their duties and responsibilities? 

I believe President Rodrigo Duterte is doing his best to change this kind of system especially that he promised Filipino people to end the country's problems of criminality, corruption and illegal drugs in the Philippines. This also means there are no exemptions to the rules even though you are powerful and trusted religious leaders.