Saturday, July 2, 2016

Should Reckless Drivers Be Penalized For Not Respecting Pedestrians

By Alon Calinao Dy: I don't understand why here in the Philippines drivers are acting like the kings on the road as if they don't care the safety of walkers and endagering pedestrians.

Every day many commuters risk their lives for crossing the streets even though there are lanes designated for pedestrians. I think it's about time to penalize them for not respecting the people who cross the pedestrian lanes. 

Authorities should do something about it since this might cause a lot of risks to the commuters and pedestrians. This also might be one of the reasons why "hit and run" is common because these reckless drivers feel they own the whole road when they drive their vehicles.

In other countries like United Kingdom and United States, motorists respect the pedestrians, respecting the rule of law. I don't understand why some drivers endanger the safety of pedestrians and seem blind and ignore the crosswalk lines. 

Change is now. Change should be made to discipline every driver who does not want to follow the road signs and continues to be a dangerous driver to pedestrians. The safety of every person should be taken into consideration.

I believe it is about time to penalize those reckless motorists to avoid the loss of innocent lives on the road. Many pedestrians have been killed and mostly these violators go unpunished. One will see them in shopping malls and everywhere without a road discipline, but if they committed a crime like hitting a pedestrian, "no one is above the law" and I think one should be punished according to the law.