Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Manny Pacquiao Versus Kim Henares: Who Are You Going To Vote For Senator in 2016?

Photo courtesy: starcinema.abs-cbn

By Alon Calinao DyThe BIR Commissioner Kim Henares may not be the People's Champ, but she is unquestionably the "Queen of Tax Collectors."

Henares has established a good reputation when she collected taxes from rich Filipino people. Good job, BIR Commissioner Henares!  She is just doing her job and makes Filipinos proud.

Yes, paying taxes is each Filipino citizen's obligation. But, where are the taxes of Filipinos going to wasteful government spending and corrupt officials?
 Seriously, will she fight against the pound-for-pound king in the 2016 election?

If ever Henares runs in the senatorial race, do you think she will win? I believe she can be a good public servant because her toughness would make a huge difference in the senate.

Some supporters of Henares say that she is an excellent choice because her purpose is to help a lot of Filipinos. Thus, it's not a big surprise if one day she quits as a BIR Commissioner and runs in the senatorial race.