Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What Will The Future Be Like If Vice President Jejomar Binay Wins in 2016?

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By Alon Calinao Dy: Despite there are a lot of haters of Pnoy these days, he has accomplished many things in his regime that people do not see like the exposure of corrupt officials within his administration, the increase of wages of the school teachers and military personnel, and the rise of the Philippine economy.

Filipinos are just worried about the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law in an aim to stop the war in Mindanao, dealing with the peace negotiators Iqbal and Murad that many people want to know their true identities if they are Malaysians or not. It appears, in my personal view, he is insensitive to what happened in Mamasapano tragedy.

After the whole term of Aquino regime, many people are saying that it is Binay who is going to be the next president in the country. He also has a huge following as he cares for his people according to his constituents in Makati City. Does it mean his presidential campaigning is starting too early?

I've found out and read that VP Binay has a questionable wealth and is involved in overpriced buildings allegations in Makati City. If this is not true and purely political, perhaps, the Office of the Vice President has the right to investigate regarding this matter. But, Why the Binays are silent around this issue and let it happen as if it's nothing?

Although Jejomar Binay is the leading presidential candidate for the remainder of his opponents like Grace Poe, Joseph Estrada, and Rodrigo Duterte, this survey of Pulse Asia is premature to predict who is really going to win in the coming election. 

The question now is, if VP Binay becomes the next president of the Philippines, what will the future be like our beloved nation? Sad to say, many voters are coming from the poor and they tend to vote candidates who pay them money. They called it vote buying. 

I hope and pray, whoever wins, he/she may always think the best interest of the Philippines.