Saturday, June 6, 2015

Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte's Look-alike

By Alon Calinao Dy: Nowadays, many Filipinos want to be Davao Mayor Duterte's look-alike ― a disciplinarian. He is the true image of a father who looks after his children.

When you visit Davao City, don't be surprised when you see the good mayor pretending as a taxi driver to catch the petty criminals. Remember, Davao City is the 9th safest place in the world. Only in the Philippines.

If you are a passenger, you'll be lucky to have a little conversation with the infamous mayor. Mayor Duterte welcomes everyone in the city, but if you are a law offender you should think twice before coming to Davao City because this place is not good for you.

I am sure many Filipinos are still asking if he is interested to run for the presidency in 2016. I guess a lot of you have seen the TV ads of Mayor Duterte, but still wondering what government position he is going to run next. Don't worry, the mayor knows what to do in order to help every Filipino in the country, but the real change starts with you.

Don't believe everything you watch on the TV or read in the newsprint that he is a human rights violator. He is actually protecting the rights of the innocent people to live a peaceable life.

We have the same thinking with Davao mayor Duterte that these criminals should be punished in order for others to live a normal life. A safe, friendly environment should be an ideal place for everyone and not a hiding place for outlaws.

Duterte is a man of principles. He does what he says and promise to fight corruption in the country even though he might be jailed for multiple murder, for as long as he is in the good side of the people.