Thursday, November 19, 2015

Dr. Condeza Medical & Maternity Clinic

By Alon Calinao Dy: Dr. Condeza Medical & Maternity Clinic, located in Brgy. Ngoso, Gandara, Western, Samar, proudly announced to the people of Samar that their facility is qualified for the Department of Health (DOH) requirements and will be applying for Philhealth to give affordable and quality services for the patients.

Having these accreditations, the said facility can now accept more patients as they are just waiting for the release of their approved Philhealth. It is expected to double the number of patients in the coming months.

It is believed to recruit on-call nurses to be part of the team. Interested applicants can come to the office for this opportunity to work and be part of the organization.

Currently, the facility was led by Dr. Eulogio G. Condeza as a CEO and Managed by Mr. Alon Dy, a registered nurse-midwife. They are also pushing the importance of health promotion through handwashing procedure before, during, and after handling every patient.

Dr. Condeza is one of the best doctors in the whole region of Samar. He is a very popular physician with impressive credentials and being known as a scholar in the University of the Philippines.  He already established his name for many years and recognized by the patients as the "best and effective doctor."

Alon Dy is a registered nurse-midwife in the Philippines. He was a well-trained nurse in Capitol Medical Center and Veterans Memorial Medical Center. His first work was in Fatima University Medical Center as a staff nurse from 2007 -2009. Overall, he had more than 8 years clinical experience in the country and overseas.

After that, Mr. Dy worked as a staff nurse in Saudi Arabia in one of the prestigious hospitals and then transferred to another country, Kuwait,  where he worked as a cath lab nurse for three consecutive years. He is also a CGFNS passer and a registered nurse in the State of New York, USA.

Their combined experience will ensure that the facility can provide to the needs of the patients. The said establishment has also memorandum of agreement (MOA) to other big hospitals in case a particular patient has complications and needs an intensive care.

Dr. Condeza Medical & Maternity remains today as one of the best facilities in Samar. The management is grateful that a lot of patients entrust their health to them.