Friday, November 27, 2015

Why Would I Choose Attitude Over Skill?

By Alon Calinao Dy: If you are a best worker and constantly feel the only person who is very important at work, then it reminds me of someone with narcissistic personality. But usually, a person with this trait is not successful having friends. 

Yes, it is good having the best team at work and those who have broad experience. It feels good to be with the experienced workmates because your confident becomes visible in the eyes of the people.

Stop... Look... and listen... So be careful with the people you are dealing or talking about. One day you'll find yourself at the corner being dumped, feeling heartbroken.

I don't say not to trust anyone especially if you work overseas. It is just you have to choose right people with positive attitude. 

I always say this that I trust those who have less skills yet they try hard and have a positive outlook in life. Talents and skills can be learned through time but not a right attitude of a person. It's something that one can be learned by himself. 

Consider attitude first before skill. Having positive people around you makes you feel important and escape the pressure at work. It's not about who is the most skillful employee in the field, but the one who has a golden heart.