Monday, November 30, 2015

Duterte On Filipino Corrupt Government Officials

By Alon Calinao Dy: Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is a promising leader, who is willing to fight criminality and rampant corruption in the Philippines, said "If I will become president, corruption has to end."

Duterte announced earlier this month his honest intention to run for president in the coming election, campaigning that criminals have no place in the Philippines if ever he is elected as the head of the country.

However, Duterte's haters tried to blemish his good image when the tough-talking mayor officially welcomed the calling of the millions of Filipinos around the globe that he should run for president in 2016 to save the Philippines.

Duterte said that he is going to fight drug cartels and bring back people's trust to the government as he'd promised equality and justice between the rich and the poor people. He also encouraged rebels to surrender their weapons to the government for lasting peace.

Some asked if he can fight criminality in metro cities in Manila as what he did in Davao City. Duterte said that he would "use the military and the police" to maintain peace and order in the Philippines. Also, he mentioned to increase the salaries of the law enforcers and warned drug lords that they have nowhere to hide if ever he is a commander-in- chief.