Friday, December 4, 2015

Talking About Corruption

By Alon Calinao Dy: Everyone is affected because of corruption that takes place everywhere you go. It does not only exist in the government but it is also present in the religious congregations.  It threatens our future especially the future of our children.

I define corruption as the same as dishonesty wherein you deceive other people for personal gain. It also refers to the abuse of power and is usually common in politics.

From the very start if a leader only assumes power but not the development of his/her region, then causes of graft and corruption happen. I believe there are many forms of corruption. In politics, it can be as bribery and graft, offering money to get a favor or support. Other forms are buying votes, asking for personal favor, and promising reserved jobs.

An honest leader is everyone's desire to have in their respective region. But when a region is ruled by thieves, the outcome of corruption affects us all. It is the poor who suffer the harmful effects of corruption because of the delay in insfrastructure and poor building quality.

It is true that public money (from our taxes) is for the projects and government services that must be rendered to the people particularly for those who are in need.

How can we avoid corruption?

We always heard the popular saying that "honesty is the best policy." A leader who is honest, has a clear vision and mission for his/her area of responsibility.  He/she respects the rule of law and has a firm decision-making and action.