Sunday, May 8, 2016

Bong Go Defends Presidential Aspirant Rodrigo Duterte Against Antonio Trillanes IV

By Alon Calinao Dy: If there's one person who really knows presidential candidate Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte, it is Bong Go, also known as a little mayor of Davao City or the utility man of a 70-year-old mayor. 

Go said that those allegations of Sen. Antonio Trillanes of a P211 million in his BPI bank account were all fabricated stories. He knew mayor Duterte as a simple man and honest person. 

Go felt bad about the false accusations of Trillanes and wondered where these make up stories originated. If the Duterte's rivals want to put him down, these people will not prosper as God who sees everything and is with them from the very start of presidential campaign. 

The latest anti-Duterte ad paid by Trillanes questioned the senator: where did he get that money for the ad? You would spend a million pesos for the TV ad just to make sure the leading presidential candidate Duterte will not win in the election. 

Netizens now challenge Senator Trillanes to show his bank account/s to be fair to Mayor Duterte who already opened his BPI bank account just to clear his name from these baseless accusations of the senator. 

Go was not happy about Trillanes' fabricated stories. It seemed the senator was making it personal as he felt humiliated in front of the media and witnesses that the mayor only got P17, 816.98 in his bank account. It was certified by a bank manager named Maria Berna B. Orleans at Julia Vargas branch in Pasig City last May 3. 

If you see Mayor Duterte somewhere, Bong Go is always with him and is always on the go to help Mayor Duterte for his presidential campaign. He believes that Mayor Duterte is the last hope of Filipinos who want a real change in the country.