Sunday, May 29, 2016

Drug Abuse is Rampant Among Children

Photo circulated on Facebook

By Alon Calinao Dy: Children with drug abuse problems tend to do criminal activities. Adults who are supposedly responsible for them should also be put in jail for being irresponsible guardians.

Drugs abuse can be greatly influenced by parents, family members, relatives, friends, and bystanders. Thus, it should be important to always monitor your children when you feel things get odd.

When kids grow up taking illegal substance, they can be as dangerous as assassins since the influence of these illicit drug addiction can affect one person's thinking and to fund their drug habits, they need money through illegal ways.

Parents of these drug addict children should also undergo a drug test. They might be the reasons why their children are using and dealing drugs. Thus, it may not be safe for kids when their parents are the ones who encourage them with these illegal drugs.

I believe it is about time in the Philippines to determine the root causes of illegal drugs. It is about time that the government should not tolerate the children, and if possible, they should experience punitive punishment for them to realize of what they are doing.