Monday, May 30, 2016

Mocha Uson Just Reads Duterte's Mind

By Alon Calinao Dy: If I were a president-elect, why would I attend to the ceremony wherein Congress, Senate and Commission on Human Rights are against to the proposal of president Duterte to bring back the death penalty in the Philippines?

President Duterte said, "kung ayaw ng Senate, Congress, at Commission on Human Rights ang Death Penalty policy ko, wala silang magagawa dahil taong bayan ang pakikinggan ko at hindi sila."

It is right. Duterte knows that his main concern is the majority of Filipinos who want a real change in the country. He does what he thinks that will benefit to the welfare of Filipinos. Filipinos just voted a right leader.

I became interested in the issue of Mocha Uson who has followers of more than 3 million Facebook users. Ms. Uson just read what Duterte is thinking. I am saying that she is right  by saying that Duterte is a real person. 

This is what Ms. Uson said on her Facebook timeline:

I believe she is telling the truth from the heart. Although some Filipinos reacted why the president-elect Duterte did not come to a pre-inaugural ceremony, the 70-year-old mayor knows his priorities and he owes it to more than 16 million Filipinos that he is a master key.

Remember when Duterte said, "the trouble with us in government is that we talk too much, we act too slow, and do too little. Don't we?" Duterte also promised to give a 5-minute speech on the day of inauguration.