Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Social Media Promises To Support PH President Duterte Despite PH TV Networks Boycott

By Alon Calinao Dy: Reporters Without Borders encouraged Philippine media TV networks to boycott president-elect Rodrigo Duterte after he boldly revealed the truth that many journalists were paid to write wrong informations about him. 

Defenders of president Duterte said that social media is a powerful means to support his good governance. It is also right not to make an apology for what he said that lots of journalists were paid to do the job to twist the truth.

Now, Duterte supporters said that they are going to boycott biased PH TV networks and those journalists who continue to disapprove president-elect Duterte's plans to make a better change in our country.

Social media is a powerful tool for Filipinos to communicate one another and to show one's loyalty to a leader as Duterte who is about to begin functioning as a president on June 30.

For this reason, a lot of Duterte's followers said that they would continue to use social media networks where they can give their views to other people like them, rather than watching biased TV networks.

No wonder why Philippines has been called as a capital country of Facebook, wherein millions of Filipinos continue to use this social media platform.