Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Fixers Outside The Government Offices Should Be Arrested

By Alon Calinao Dy: I hope everyone can read this-- a time for a real change in the Philippines. I don't think Filipinos will acquire a genuine change if many people will continue to be blind with the old, corrupt system of the government. 

The last time I walked along the UN Avenue in front of NBI in Taft, Manila, I saw a fixer talking to a woman who wanted an NBI Clearance. This fixer told a woman that she was not allowed to go inside the NBI building to get an NBI clearance since she had no appointment and everything now is through online application.

When I heard about this, I directly intervened and told the woman to go inside the NBI building and have an online appointment there so that she would stop dealing with this fixer. Of course, the fixer got mad at me and said "it's none of your business." I think it's everyone's business, but I walked away. Inside the NBI clearance office in Taft, one can easily access and have an online application if you want to get it on the same day for everyone's information.

I didn't understand one thing as two NBI agents outside the building were there when this fixer was doing her fraudulent transaction to an NBI clearance applicant. I was surprised why the problem of fixers is still present around the premises of NBI main office as one can see their signage "rush NBI online application or online NBI application." 

This is one of the top priorities of president-elect Rodrigo Duterte to end the never-ending lies, syndicate and corruption in all government offices in order to gain public trust aside from war on crime and illegal drugs. 

Although president Duterte said that he pitied seeing people who slept on the pavements while waiting for the release of their passports, he encouraged his cabinet member and incoming DFA Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. to address the problem of the previous administrations. If the problem of long queues of people applying for passports is solve immediately, I think this is an easy solution to get rid of the fixers.

I believe fixers should be arrested and imprisoned for cheating people. Even though you will warn them on their first offense, I think they will do it again especially if they know they will not be caught by the authorities. Not only they are breaking the law by doing so, they remain a public danger to everyone because they can produce fake documents such as NBI clearance, degrees, certificates, etc.