Thursday, June 30, 2016

Train Passengers Can Now Enjoy Empty Seats in LRT And MRT

By Alon Calinao Dy: It is expected that President Rodrigo Duterte will solve the long queue lines among train passengers in LRT and MRT within Metro Manila in the coming months.

President Duterte has been very vocal about the usual traffic congestion in big cities as he is tired and sick that Filipinos would suffer this much going to their respective works and homes. That's probably the reason why he wants to stay in Davao City during weekends.

After being sworn as the 16th president in the Philippines in the Malacanang Palace, he started his work right away by going to the poor people in Tondo Manila to have dinner with them and formally asked to voice some of their grievances to the new administration.

The new president believes that many Filipinos especially the poor are daily commuters and mostly affected by the heavy traffic in Metro Manila. Not only the problem of long queue he is going into serious consideration of studies but on how to have faster, effective, and efficient transport system in the country.

It seems impossible but train passengers can enjoy the great efforts of the new administration by having a good public transport system that is easy and convenient to everyone. That's a good news because many Filipinos can now enjoy the effective government services of the new administration as they can sleep soundly without thinking much about the traffic congestion in Metro Manila.