Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Bong Bong Marcos Jr. Supporters Don't Believe in Robredo's Trust Rating

By Alon Calinao Dy: One thing I observed in TV news report in the Philippines, If President Rodrigo Duterte's trust rating increases, vice president Leni Robredo's trust ratings also goes up. What did Robredo do to praise her as the one who is doing the good job in Macalanang? 

It's true that the issue of cheating in a very recent May 2016 election is still in the mind of the public. I don't think she is as competent as our beloved president Duterte. 

In fact, Robredo didn't want to have a death penalty in the Philippines. She also questioned the rampant extrajudicial killings across the country despite the fact the government is doing its best to fight the problems of criminality, corruption and illegal drugs.

An avid supporter of Bong Bong Marcos Jr., Mr. Glen Chong, was suprised to hear the announcement of some media personnel about the sudden growth in Robredo's trust rating.

Chong posted his opinion on social media. He said "the rise in Robredo's trust rating could have not come from the overwhelming support of fellow Filipinos but from the overwhelming falsity of false asia."

I think he is right by saying that Robredo has not done anything spectacular to earn the trust of the people. If this is one of the tactics of former Aquino administration to boost and gear up Robredo for president in 2022, well, I don't think they'll succeed.