Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Share If You Want Inday Sara Duterte For Senator or President in 2022

By Alon Calinao Dy: Inday Sara Duterte, a daughter of our current president Rodrigo Duterte, has established a solid supporters not only on social media but in various political groups in the Philippines such as Sara Duterte Movement and Inday Sara Movement.

Many Filipinos are worried about who is the successor of president Duterte if ever he finished his term as the head of state since they do not want to go back to Roxas and Aquino regime when everything seems under control.

Sara Duterte served as a mayor in Davao City. So far, her performance as a public service till now is an outstanding one according to the residents in the city. She is also a strong leader like her father, but has a loving heart inside.

Similar to her father, Sara Inday hates criminals especially those who are involved in illegal drug trade. She is just a simple woman but born to be a leader who was raised well by her father and mother Zimmerman.

If president Rodrigo Duterte was called by many as an iron fist man, Sara was also named as iron fist lady by people who are close to her. Just like her father, she has the ability to solve crime and corruption particularly illegal drugs in the country.

Sara, who has a lot of supporters across the Philippines, makes a good prospect as a honest and sincere leader just as her father. Though both Inday Sara and President Duterte are two different individuals, I think she has a potential to be a great politician.