Saturday, July 23, 2016

Both Former Lanao Del Sur Mayor Johaira Abinal And Military Husband Arrested

Joint operation Pdea Region-xat Pnp Cocpo  the arrest of Former Mayor JOHAIRA ABINAL alyas  mayora MARIMAR of MAGUING Lanao Del Sur with husband Maj. Suharto Macabuat of BUCOR -- Sheila Joy Labrador

By Alon Calinao Dy: Some Filipinos are always asking why it is that most criminals who are killed and imprisoned are small drug dealers and pushers. Here is the answer through the joint operation of PDEA Region and PNP COCPO.

This is a warning of President Rodrigo Duterte that no one is exempted to the rule of law. If you have committed a crime, then you'd be treated like a criminal.

Small or big time dealers should stop their illegal activities as there is a law that must be followed for the sake of Filipinos especially the future of children. 

The battle against illegal drugs is not yet over as long as there are Filipinos and chinese drug dealers of prohibited drugs. 

The President is very serious about his commitment to end the country's problems not only illegal drugs but also the issues of criminality and corruption.

For those people who are involved in drug trade, listen very carefully to what our President Duterte's call and stop doing various crimes for your own safety and for your loved ones who want you to be alive.