Thursday, July 28, 2016

Can Philippines Become A Superpower?

By Alon Calinao Dy: Philippines can become a superpower if the country can unite all Filipinos without internal conflicts or other situations of violence particularly in Mindanao. 

You think Philippines is an ambitious nation? You are wrong. I think every country dreams and deserves to have a strong force in military to protect themselves against invaders. But, how can a developing country as Philippines achieve this?

Just like USA, Japan, China, Great Britain, Russia, France, and Germany, Philippines can become a strong country not only in term of military force but also gaining political and economic might.

By becoming a superpower does not mean one can use country's dominance to overpower other countries. A true superpower for me is the one who leads by example without using military superiority and a nation who knows its boundaries and respects the territories of neighboring countries.

As most people know, a country can only be called a superpower if it has a NUCLEAR POWER PLANT that not only can be used for generating sufficient energy sources but can also be used in times of war.

But really makes Philippines a superpower in the long run? I think, as what President Rodrigo Duterte said in his first SONA speech, a clean and stable government. For now, corruption is one of the major problems in the country aside from illegal drugs and criminality. 

Lastly, I believe having peaceful talks with the rebel groups particularly in Mindanao is a determining factor if Philippines can have an economic progress and growth in the years to come.