Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Is China Ready To Give Up South China Sea?

By Alon Calinao Dy: It's true that some influential countries are afraid of a powerful China, but they should respect the decision of United Nations (UN) Arbitral Tribunal that Scarborough Shoal rightfully belongs in the Philippines. 

Though China does not honor any tribunal ruling, Philippines wants to have a peace process by talking to China about the territorial claims. 

If China insists, they may violate the Philippine sovereign rights on the disputed sea. The decision already by the International Tribunal in which China is also a member of United Nations. 

If China refuses to acknowledge this decision, this is just to say that they do not respect and care for the International court, insulting the UN. 

China should not be ashamed for the decision made by Arbitral Authority. This is not their loss, but this proves that there is an international court that settles everything to avoid territorial disputes.

The China-Philippines relationship is good under Duterte administration. But the question of Filipinos: is China ready to give up South China Sea? I think China should listen to the arbitral ruling to have good relations with Southeast Asian countries.