Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Taxi Drivers Blame Kris Aquino For Traffic Congestion in Metro Manila

By Alon Calinao Dy: There are some taxi drivers who blamed actress Kris Aquino for traffic congestion in Metro Manila. The celebrity host was being linked to Premium Taxi like Uber and GrabCar and reportedly without franchises. 

Last year, Kris Aquino defended  herself and denied the allegations that she did not own more the 200 taxi vehicles in Metro Manila without franchises.

According to her Instagram post dated last 2015, she said "I have not bought nor own 200 vehicles earnmarked for premium taxi units from Toyota."

However, this car issues surfaced again after traffic problem became worse to worst. These drivers blamed Kris Aquino including TV host-actor Luis Manzano as the alleged owners of Uber and GrabCar who were responsible for the traffic jam in urban areas. 

Some taxi drivers and owners said that it was unfair for them since they spent money for the franchises of their cars and Uber and Grab were not. They also pointed out the lack of passengers on the roads since the start of this company.

Kris firmly denied and said that she would not jeopardize their family's good reputation when she already earned millions through hard work and in a honest way.