Thursday, August 18, 2016

3 Little Angels in Sarah Inday Duterte Carpio's Womb

Photo credit: The City Government of Davao

By Alon Calinao Dy: The City government of Davao City Facebook page has congratulated Mayor Sara Inday Duterte Carpio for having triplets, a blessing from God above. 

Not all mothers are given the opportunity like the presidential daughter. It may be a little scary to take good care of the 3 little angels in the womb, but God has great plans for them like any mother who gets pregnant.

Mayor Sara Inday has gained a lot of supporters across the Philippines, and she is believed to follow the footsteps if her father, President Rody Duterte, who is being supported and respected by many Filipinos. 

It's too early to say if Sara Inday is going to continue in the world of politics. But Filipinos believe that she inherited the ideal characteristic of a president who is brave, sincere and honest to the roles and responsibilities.

Just like her father, Sara Inday is known to be a simple person with a big heart to the poor people. That's why she easily got the trust and confidence of a majority of Filipinos.

For now, let me congratulate Sara Inday Duterte Carpio for having triplets. Yes, it's a little bit scary but I think it's all worth it. Just stay away from stressful activities, and you'll be guided by Almighty God.