Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Collection of Controversial Photos Against Marcos Burial At The Libingan ng mga Bayani

These are a collection of viral photos that oppose to the idea of late president Ferdinand Marcos Sr. burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Despite the protests, Duterte administration remains firm about the final decision in order to unity all Filipinos around the world and to give an honor to the late president Marcos.

By Alon Calinao Dy: Martial Law victims and  supporters of former Aquino administration could not easily forgive the former president Ferdinand Marcos Sr. For what he did during his tenure as a 10th president of the Republic of the Philippines.

Several groups have expressed their views why late president Ferdinand Marcos Sr. should not be buried at heroes' cemetery, but till now it remains a big question mark why a favorite dog of former president Corazon C. Aquino had been buried in this cemetery. 

Justice For Marcos Facebook group expressed their anger on social media why PNoy Aquino and Mar Roxas used religious groups to get the sentiments of the people especially the innocent children.

Burying Ferdinand E. Marcos only means that it's time for a national healing among Filipinos who have not found an inner peace in their hearts according to the said group. 

Though reports said that thousands of people suffered from torture and killings during Marcos reign, Filipinos could not live in the remanants of the past. Nothing is going to happen if everyone will not learn to forget and forgive so that Filipinos will live in unity.

Just take a look at Japan and United States. During World War II, they became worst enemies. After the war, things suddenly changed when Americans helped them to rise again. Filipinos can still learn and correct the past if people will accept change in their lives. 

Catholic Church and other religious groups taught us to forgive other people but why it is children can see the photos of some priests and sisters who were in the protests and reminding the Filipinos that Marcos doesn't deserve to be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. 

It's really hard to do what the Catholic Church teaches us to love and forgive one another. Even priests and sisters have not found an inner peace in their hearts, as they could not easily forgive the late president Marcos. I think this is a bad example and I don't want our children to learn from these people who lived with hatred through the years.