Monday, August 15, 2016

Radio DJ Karen Bordador Uses Her Fame In A Wrong Way

By Alon Calinao Dy: Radio DJ Karen Bordador and her boyfriend Emilio Lim had been caught by police operatives in their condo unit in Pasig City last Aug. 13, who delivered ecstacy at various clubs in Metro Manila that worth approximately 3 million pesos. 

In this report, of course, friends of Karen Bordador was shocked about the news as she used her influence in a wrong way. Until now, others can't believe that she is involved into drug trade. 

However, netizens, are happy to know that police officers really did their job to catch those people who are into drugs. Big fish or small fish, it's all the same for as long as they've done criminal activities.

I don't think cops would invent stories that are not true, and people, who watched the news, saw the 
marijuana, drug paraphernalia, money, and other evidences that would pinpoint them as those behind the proliferation of ecstacy at high-end clubs in Metro Manila.

Before Duterte administration, there were corrupt cops who used to invent stories without real evidences. But now, there are undercover cops who are honest and sincere in thei fight against illegal drugs.

President Duterte himself said that he would kill those corrupt cops who are into drugs. Over and over again, the president promised that he won't stop chasing criminals as long as there's still one drug lord or pusher out there doing drug trade.